Consciousness on Fire

Consciousness on fire

What We Offer

Custom Designed Shirts

Embroidered or printed shirts made to share your message. 


Embroidered Kitchen Towels

Embroidered towels perfect for your kitchen or as a gift! Available in singles or sets.


Hats, Socks & Scarves

Hand knit from Merino wool (socks), and high quality yarns, machine washable & dryable, our hand crafted hats, socks & scarves are the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!


Custom Design & Sewing

Are you looking for something special to wear? We offer custom made-to-fit clothing, costumes and items like pillows & cushions for your home or camper! 

Custom Design & Sewing

Specialty Clothing

Our specialty items range from made-to-fit clothing to machine embroidered sweaters, blouses, jackets and jeans! 

Specialty Clothing

Fiber Artist